Plant City Stadium’s days may be numbered

Plant City Stadium’s days may be numbered | Breaking Tampa Bay, Florida and national news and weather from Tampa Bay Online and The Tampa Tribune |

There are so many lessons in the article.

1. “If you build it they will come.” This stadium was built for MLB spring training, but the Cincinnati Reds left in 1997. It has been under utilized for the last 15 years while the city pays $400,000 a year in maintenance costs. They offered to sell or lease, and only BLD made an offer.

2. Negotiations broke off because BLD wouldn’t contribute to the $5 million in renovation costs. I have yet to see where BLD has contributed one dollar to the cost start-up. Will they make us pay for stocking the bar too?

3. Plant City Stadium was built for $6 million. It says the Reds moved there in the late 1990s, so I’ll take a guess that it was built around 1985. In inflation adjusted dollars that’s just over $13 million today.